Our Process


Where to build – Whether you already have a lot, or need help deciding what lot best fits your vision, this is where our process with you begins.

Remodel – If your vision is to remodel, or create an addition to an existing property, our process together starts here. We walk through your vision with you onsite, to help determine the scope of work, brainstorm any new ideas, and discover any limitations that may be present. 

Putting the team together – Now that you know where you want to build, or have determined what is your scope of work, it’s time to put the team that is going to make your dream a reality. We have many great relationships with architects and designers that we can recommend to fit your specific needs and budget. This is a key step for us to be involved in, as we can help to value engineer your home, ensuring the best value at every step.

Our goal – Each project begins with a group of strangers, coming together, to build your dream. Something we take great pride in, is leaving every project with new friendships.

Clear and realistic budgets – After working with your selected architect and designer, we take your plans and selections, and put together a detailed line item budget, so you know exactly what you are paying for. This budget is based off of allowances and historic costs, and gets more fine-tuned the closer we get to nailing down exactly what your vision is.

Permit – Once we have all the necessary documents, we apply for the permit and all necessary approvals from the pertaining government entity.

Schedule – With the plans, selections, and scope of work outlined, we are able to create a schedule detailing your entire process. This helps to know when major milestones of the project will be reached, and how to plan accordingly.

During Construction​

Project management – One of the great prides we believe sets us apart from many other builders, is that we stay small enough to be very hands on and involved in every phase of the construction. We want you to feel like you are a priority to us, and that we have a personal relationship with your project. This is key to ensuring the highest quality at every step of the construction process.

Expectations and Communication – Teamwork. Clear team goals, shared expectations, trust, and consistent communication are an integral part of having a successful build. 

Schedule management – To ensure the timeline of each project, we are constantly updating schedules to ensure the flow of work continues as seamlessly as possible.

Budget management – This is your dream, and we understand that changes happen. We want this to be a positive experience. When a change presents its self, we walk through the options with all parties involved. IE owner, project manager, subcontractor, and designer. After discussing our options, we come up with costs associated with each option, and make the decision as a team. This is where teamwork is key. 

Quality control – Walkthroughs are done with each sub to inspect quality and workmanship in their respective trade. 

Site maintenance and cleaning – Our hands-on site supervision ensures that each job is kept clean and organized.


Punch List – Nearing the end of construction, a walkthrough is done with the home owner and project manager to create a punch list of items to be corrected before the final product is delivered to the client.

Final walkthrough – Once construction is completed, a walkthrough is done with the project manager and owner. This walkthrough is to transfer information for any special features the home may have. This ensures a smooth transition of ownership, and controllability of the home.

Warranty – There are two types of warranties that comes with your home. Workmanship warranties, and manufacture warranties. We offer a standard 1-year workmanship warranty on any trade work performed in your home. Manufacture warranties vary depending on products. Additional warranties can be purchased through a third-party entity.